Surprising Himalayan Salt Practical Uses

Surprising Himalayan Salt Practical Uses

I’ll start with the most important question: what’s so special about Himalayan salt?

Simply put, this beautiful pink powder is the purest salt in the world, offering the cleanest and healthiest salt flavor. It’s making any food delicious and supplying our bodies with important nutrients, a number of 80 trace minerals. For all this reasons, it’s being used beyond the kitchen walls, enriching our lives in many surprising ways.

1. Himalayan salt blocks for cooking an serving

My personal favorite Himalayan salt uses are by far the cooking and grilling blocks. First, they look exquisite, Anything you put on them, it will look amazing and you will eat it with your eyes. They are also perfect for serving and/or as plates. You can use them chilled or hot. And, they are easy to clean, simply wipe the salt tile with a towel.

Moreover, I never have to worry about germs while cooking on salt plate. This is also due to the low porosity and moisture retention of the salt.

Best Himalayan Salt Plates

Best Himalayan Salt Cooking and Grilling Blocks

2. Himalayan salt inhalers

The benefits of salt inhalation are known to mankind for centuries, even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, applied the age-old method of inhaling the steam from boiling saltwater.

Your inhaler is a convenient, drug-free and non-invasive device for enjoying the benefits of salt-air therapy, designed to help you breathe deeper and easier. It naturally combats allergies, sinus or even snoring problems.

Best Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhalers

3. Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle

I know, it’s a predictable one, but nevertheless I consider it to be a must have for any kitchen. A simple, ancient design that still works for salting garlic, herbs or spices.  I use this mortar and pestle as I would any other to prepare seasonings or condiments for your meals – but this 100% salt set will also add subtle salt flavor to your food. 

No soap is necessary for cleaning as no bacteria or germs can grow on it, which means you have a naturally anti-microbial. 

They also make a perfect serving vessel – use it chilled for salsas and guacamole, or hot for caramel dip, or chocolate fondue.

Best Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle


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