top 5 reasons to visit romania

Why you should visit Romania and get to know Romanians!

Warning and disclaimer: I am Romanian, therefore all of the below might contain a shred of subjectivity! My Romania If I would be to describe Romania in just a few words, I would probably be predictable and say something like: surprising, a place of contrasts, a must-see, hidden gem of Europe … While all of […]

10 reasons why huskies are the best dogs

10 Reasons why Siberian huskies are the best dogs

For almost  2 years, I’ve been blessed with a Siberian husky in my life. Such a great adventure! I have to admit that before having one, I was not necessarily a big fan of this breed, probably because I didn’t knew that much about them. I would like to share with you the most important […]

best tips for moving abroad with a dog

Best tips for moving abroad with a dog

I’ve always wanted a dog. I’m that type of person walking down the street and smiling to dogs or getting really excited when seeing dogs in cars, or, even better, with their tongue out the window. I feel a special connection with this gorgeous creatures. Unfortunately, there were always very strong and serious reasons not […]

garmin fitness tracker

My Garmin fitness tracker – user review 2017

My Garmin fitness tracker was a complete surprise; in a way, because it was a gift, but also because fitness bracelets were not part of my reality. I’m pretty sure I saw them around, but they didn’t caught my eye. I could say we lived in parallel universes until one day, of April 2016, when […]