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My Garmin fitness tracker – user review 2017

My Garmin fitness tracker was a complete surprise; in a way, because it was a gift, but also because fitness bracelets were not part of my reality. I’m pretty sure I saw them around, but they didn’t caught my eye. I could say we lived in parallel universes until one day, of April 2016, when we met and my life was changed forever.

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So, let me review for you how I fell in love with my Gamin smart activity tracker and how we became best friends.

  1. Very light and comfortable to wear

    I couldn’t say it was love at first sight; in the beginning, it didn’t make much sense the purpose of my new toy. What I did noticed was how nice and light it feels on my hand, and I was excited that I don’t have to take it down when in shower, or when going for a swim, or when cooking….or, pretty much anytime.

    I almost never take off my fitness bracelet. In my opinion, it goes with any kind of clothing, actually it complements most attires, except maybe an evening gown.

  2. Coolness

    After I started wearing it, I began to feel pretty cool. Because you activate it by double-tapping, you get everyone’s attention when doing it, which I have to admit is quite funny. Some people simply stare at you and ask you what’s that, others only pick, but you can tell they’re curious. Of course, there are also the connoisseurs, and with these ones you feel like you’re part of a gang – the tech people – and because you have a Garmin, you are really welcomed and admired.

  3. Long battery life

    On the long run, the fact that you only charge it once a week proved to be a huge plus. You don’t have to worry about take it down at night or if you travel somewhere for a few days, you don’t need to carry the charger with you.

  4. Connected with your calls and messages

    Functions wise, the first one I found useful was the fact that it vibrates when I have an incoming   call or a message. So, I can actually “hear” my phone even if it’s in my bag, I’m in a noisy place or I’m in the other room. One time, while biking with the headphones in my ears, I answered a phone call from the bracelet and simply started talking. I felt so proud of my high-tech skills that I lost   my balance and bumped into a bush.

  5. 5. Sleep monitor

    What made me fall in love forever and for good with my Garmin fitness tracker is the “sleep monitor” function. Checking how I slept is the first thing I do in the morning (even before coffee), and the highlight of my day. What the bracelet does is to monitor your deep sleep, based on movement. Deep sleep is the one that actually matters, when you literally get rested. So, even if you have a 9-10 hours’ sleep, if you only went in deep sleep for 1-2 hours, it was not a good night. My personal record is 5 and ½ hours of deep sleep, and in order to feel rested I need at least 2 and ½ hours, ideally 3 hours into the deep, per night.

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