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Dog travel tips – free dog sitter and smart travel solutions

I love to travel, but I also have a dog. How do I combine my two big loves, considering I can’t always take my dog with me and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on kennels or agencies? Looking for solutions, I stumbled upon some great travel tips on how to find a free dog sitter, but also on how to travel stress-free with your pet.

         1. Dog sitter sites

There are sites meant to bring home owners and house sitters together, and they do a great job at it. Basically, if you have a pet, and you need to leave your house for a certain period of time, you post an announcement that you’re looking for a sitter. Then, you pick someone from all the applicants, whom will come and live in your house while you’re out. He or she will take care of your property and animals.

I think it’s an amazing opportunity, for both parties. There are some beautiful properties out there where you can live for free, while enjoying the company of some lovely pets -as a sitter. And, on another hand, if you are a pet owner, you can leave your house in peace, knowing that someone we’ll take care of everything.

          2. Use your family, friends, neighbors as dog sitters

It might sound easy and a first option, but the truth is you need to prepare for it. If you want to have a dog that is “sitter friendly”, you need to make sure you socialize him really early on. Don’t wait until you actually need to go somewhere, just to suddenly realize you’re out of options.

Get your closed ones involved from the puppy stage. This way, they will know your dog and your dog will know them. It’s also much healthier for a pup to be exposed to different personalities and styles while growing up; he will learn how to be adaptable and to communicate efficiently. Don’t think you’re the only one who knows what’s right for your dog! Embrace help and diversity, and your life together will be funnier and happier.

I personally exposed my dog to everything, from driving for thousand of kilometers, to camping, swimming, being left alone overnight, having different sitters and people to walk him. And, I can proudly say, I can leave my house for a week without having to worry about his well-being. On contrary, it’s like in a relationship, we get to miss each other and enjoy the reunion even more after the break.

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            3. If possible, take your dog with you wherever you go

This is my philosophy: as much as I can, my dog will accompany me. I didn’t brought a dog in my life to neglect him; he will be with me pretty much everywhere, within reasonable limits, of course. Therefore, I’ll take him to the coffee shop or to a patio in the evening, if I do a trail in the woods, when I go hiking or biking.

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