one way privacy mirror film

Best One Way Privacy Window Mirror Film

You can see out but not in window film! Best One Way Privacy Window Mirror Film!

It’s always the small details making the difference. You wouldn’t think much of it, but choosing the right things for your house, will really make your life easier and more pleasant. And, when I say right things, I mean that perfect combination of good value, functionality and design.

Let’s look now at privacy films, one of those nice, sometimes must have things. Their benefits? See arguments below for considering one:

1. Privacy protection

You will be able to see outside, but you will not be seen. So, if you don’t want to feel like a fish in a water tank, you should install a window mirror film. Be aware that most films only provide day time protection. Meaning that when the light inside is stronger than outside, the mirror effect is reverted, and you will not see outside, but you will be seen. So, remember to draw curtains during the night, to ensure privacy.

Luckily, there are also options for one way mirror films with night vision. But, make sure to choose a professional one, and to work with a certified installer, especially in this case.

2. Heat protection and interior cooling

One of the main benefits of window tinting is a cooler interior temperature, in summer. By filtering out UV radiation, up to 90%, and blocking sun rays, your house will feel more comfortable even with crazy temperatures outside. By reverse, in wintertime, it will keep the heat inside, reducing the infiltration of cold air. A win-win situation.

3. Energy savings

All of the above will translate in energy savings for your house, as you will spend less on cooling in summer and on heating during winter. Which means, you will fast amortize the investment with its installation.

4. House value

If done right, with quality materials and optimized for your specific needs, installing a window film will increase your house value. And, one more nice benefit: it will preserve your furniture from fading. UV protection will not only guard you skin from the sun harmful effects, but also your favorite armoire or couch.

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