3 house essentials for a minimalist and cozy home.

3 house essentials for a minimalist and cozy home

The striking simplicity of life, or how emptying your house can change your life… 3 must-have house essentials for a minimalist and cozy home. And for for a simpler and beautiful life.

There is so much tranquility in having less. One of the challenges of our times is the endless sea of possibilities, all at one click away. We’re bought into the idea that we can have it all and that we should want it all. And, then, you buy, and you buy, because it’s on sale, because it’s pink, because it’s right by the checkout, because your mom hates it, because one day you might wear it, because you’re bored, because and because. And it pills up, taking space in your closets, house, mind, heart.

And then, you’re busy taking care of all this mess. Try emptying out, give it away, sale it, donate it, and only keep what you truly, actually like, what brings you joy. There is so much freedom in having less.

I’ll provide a list of must-haves in a house, that will make it a home which you can actually enjoy. Leading a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t exclude owning beautiful things, it just means being selective about your purchases and only buying what you actually need and truly like.

1. House essentials for a minimalist home – Design lamps

Having the right lamp is like owning that perfect T-shirt  that goes with everything and it even looks better washed out. You have it for years, but still you get a ton of compliments for it.

And, when it comes to lamps, nothing is as stylish as a Scandinavian design lamps. It’s like the Nordics actually invented the lamps, that’s how good they are when it comes to spreading the perfect light: above the table, in a corner of the room, or that dreamy, reading light.

You an check out a nice selection following the link:  Best Scandinavian lamps

2. House essentials for a minimalist home – Hardwood floors

If the lamp is the T-shirts, the perfect floor is definitely that perfect pair of jeans. You’ve spent a fortune on it, but, it was totally worth it. You still love it, years after, and they still love you.

Same with the floor. If there is a part or the home decoration where you should invest money on, it’s the floor, and go hardwood. You won’t regret it!

3. House essentials for a minimalist home – Potted plants

Some nice plants will be the earrings, but they really need to be in beautiful pots or vases. The container is maybe more important than the plant itself…..

This are just the basis of the basis, but it’s a good starting point. if you also need some inspiration for your kitchen, check out my article Top 5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets 2018-2020

Photo credit: Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

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