10 reasons why huskies are the best dogs

10 Reasons why Siberian huskies are the best dogs

For almost  2 years, I’ve been blessed with a Siberian husky in my life. Such a great adventure! I have to admit that before having one, I was not necessarily a big fan of this breed, probably because I didn’t knew that much about them. I would like to share with you the most important reasons to have a husky and why I consider them to be the best dogs….so, you’ll get one as soon as possible.

10 reasons why huskies are the best dogs

1. They are simply gorgeous

I often believe that in my dog’s head, his real name is “beauty”. That’s all he hears when we walk around; people are simply drawn by his aura and by his eyes, and they can’t help it but turn their heads and start whispering or shouting “so beautiful!”.

2. Good branding

Not sure if because of all the movies or because they are indeed special, but everyone recognizes a husky … and they do it with enthusiasm and with a large smile. The Siberian husky imposes respect and admiration, which will also reflect on you.

10 reasons why huskies are the best dogs

3. You get yourself a dog – not a toy dog, not a child, but a real dog!

A great book to start your training is Siberian huskies for dummies

4. Independence

A husky is not “needy”; he values his private space and his alone time, and I completely love this about them. He won’t be in your way all day long, jumping all over and begging for attention. By contrary, there will be days when you won’t even know he’s around.

5. A true partner in crime

Your husky will follow you everywhere: you can go hiking, biking, camping, running, swimming or canoeing together. Just name it….your husky will do it.

They have no fear, they don’t get tired, they don’t develop allergies, and most of all they enjoy the adventure…with you!

6. They are funny

Due to their wolf-like, serious demeanor, you might not believe this about them, but they are quite some characters. Huskies sleep in the weirdest positions, they can be clumsy, they love to play (especially tug a war), so, it’s quite impossible to stay serious or dramatic around them.

10 reasons why huskies are the best dogs

7. Huskies are clean

A very important criteria, trust me! From this perspective, huskies are nothing but some large cats, which is super great. They literally lick themselves, so their fur is always fluffy and soft. And….huskies don’t smell like a dog, their body odor is pretty neutral. This might seem to be small details, but when you have your dog in an apartment, or even in the backyard, you’ll really appreciate the huskies self-cleaning habits.

8. Strong personality

Yep, they are stubborn! My husky has arguments with me, very vocal ones: I’m saying, he’s saying. Sibs are smart and they act like they know it. They will periodically push your limits to make sure you’re in control and you’re the real alpha. Appreciate it! You’ll learn to be firm, calm and assertive.

9. You can feel their love

Once the bond is created, is forever. You can feel it with your whole being and see it in your husky’s eyes.

10 reasons why huskies are the best dogs

10. Once you go husky, you never go back

Your doomed: there will simply be no other dog for you! Huskies forever!


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Photo credit: Petru I. Guset

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